Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Pet Food Kidney Damage

I have been approached by a cat owner who is now dealing with kidney failure in his family pet. I have an older cat who was beginning to suffer kidney failure about 8 months ago. The vet gave her 6 months to live. With temporary injections of fluid and a special low protein low salt Kidney Diet "KD" she has fully recovered. I am very concerned about what is happening to many people and their dogs and cats. I have been asked to start a class action claim in Canada and I am considering what to do. I invite comments.

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Murray H. Miskin said...

Much has happened since I posted my first message on this topic. A substance used as Rat Poison has now been found in the Menu Foods products which raises questions of tampering or possibly a natural occurrence with some of the ingredients. The company has responded openly and honestly and is offering to pay veterinary bills if their product has harmed animals. Several class action proceedings have been started in Canada and in the US by the usual law firms involved in multiple class actions. I do not see a need for my firm to get involved as the situation is being dealt with and we are busy enough with our other cases. We like to focus on human injury cases and the law will not provide big compensation for pets who are injured. Good luck to all the pet owners and their pets in dealing with the situation. Older pets need low protein diets like in Seniors pet foods to avoid or reduce kidney disease which does come naturally. If you are feeding your pet a food with a gravy from a can or package watch out as these are the type of products where the problem is occurring. It is generally safer to stick with the dry foods.