Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Vioxx Claims

Greetings Blog readers, I am often contacted by clients of our Vioxx injury claims with questions by email, phone, letter etc. Since we now have this Blog operating it is another way to update clients and let people see questions and answers of other clients. Whether you are a client or not feel free to post a question or comment here. I will try to respond quickly as requested. Be aware that this is a public posting and you should not give personal information about your case here and I will not post anything which is best answered directly. There are Merck spies everywhere (or else I am just paranoid) and I would not want confidential information, tactics or strategy to fall into the wrong hands.
As a quick update our side did well in New Jersey with the Humeston case retrial and we are now waiting for a ruling on whether our Canadian clients may continue to pursue their claims in that court. The appeal of British claimants has not been decided yet either and we are likely to follow what happens to them. The Canadian case is still proceeding by Class Action but very slowly. I will continue to post regular updates at our website so do keep checking there as well as here if you wish to be fully informed. Murray


Anonymous said...

I notice there has been no mention lately of Vioxx being reintroduced. What is happening with Bextra and why are they still selling Celebrex? jt

Murray H. Miskin said...

Vioxx will not be reintroduced as it is known to be dangerous without serious dispute and Bextra is as bad or worse. Celebrex works in a slightly different way and has less common cardiac side effects so it will likely remain on the market. Claims for Bextra continue but are not likely to move fast while Vioxx claims are still unsettled. There is a Canadian class action on Bextra and I will check its status before posting more information. I have heard nothing lately. Murray