Thursday, 5 April 2007

Quebec in Canada

Separatism is not dead, it is just sleeping. The setback of the PQ is the reason for the rise of Dumont and his ADQ party (now the official opposition). Losses by the PQ were more a product of their young adventurous leader not being accepted by traditional Quebecois, than a fading desire for Sovereignty. The ADQ is not a pro Canadian party and its election success represents a further threat to the continued existence of Canada. I predict that Gilles Duceppe will lead the BQ (Block Quebecois) in the next federal election and then leave to lead the Parti Quebecois to victory in its election after this recent election of a minority government. Then anything is possible including yet another Quebec referendum.
I also predict that resentment of Quebec and its special treatment will become more prominent in English Canada and threaten Stephen Harper's continued leadership. I will not yet predict the outcome of the upcoming federal election.

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