Monday, 9 April 2007

Toronto Sports Teams: Leafs Fall, Raptors Rise

On Easter I watched the Toronto Raptors a first place team in their division, soundly beat the Chicago Bulls, the first place team in their division. In the world of basketball, a game invented by a Canadian Chiropractor, Toronto's team is rising quickly. Our team, Canada's only NBA team played like champions to a very excited crowd. In contrast, our Maple Leafs, the team I grew up with, the team who last won the Stanley Cup when I was 12 years old, was eliminated that day by a Long Island win over New Jersey. Leaf fans are used to having hopes dashed and restored. The night before Toronto eliminated Montreal and then lost out the final playoff spot after having lost to the New York Islanders on the previous Thursday reviving that team's slim hope. Now the Islanders will be sacrificed to the first place Buffalo Sabres instead of Toronto or Montreal in the first play off round. As we leafs fans have said every year for the past 40 years: there is always next year. If Toronto is to have a hockey hope next year a big shake up is needed. Let's see what happens. As for the Raptors I think they will at least make it to the second round.
Now, how about those Blue Jays. They seem to have a stronger team this year and the addition of Frank Thomas and his bat should add a lot. I dare not predict how this season will unfold but it should be a good one.
Toronto sports fans seem to only support winners and Maple Leafs. I call on GTA sports fans to support your local teams win or lose, and that includes our new Soccer team and of course the Argos.

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