Thursday, 28 June 2007

Law office staff changes

Our law firm has pulled back this past spring from major expansion. We are trying to develop the best group of people to serve our clients and it has been challenging. In the fall of 2006 we brought in an experienced personal injury lawyer to join us, Franceen Rogovein. She had previously practiced insurance law from the defence point of view. Michelle Brown who joined us a year earlier made a great transition and is doing very well with our firm. Adding Franceen created a need for more support staff and Lea Anne a legal secretary/law clerk was also brought in to join us. At that point our office was crowded but we knew we would have more space in January 2007 due to Durham Reporting moving out of our building, with us as co-tenants taking over their space. We then worked to bring in another law firm as tenants to share the expanded facilities but there was no success in that. Franceen did not stay and Billie Valliant who was my secretary for about 3 years also left. Lea Anne is now working primarily for me. We have been working with Crystal who handled reception and assisted in litigation matters to develop her skills and she has become a very good legal secretary mainly working for Michelle. Sadly for us, family circumstances required Crystal to move out of the area at the end of June. We will now have Linda at the front desk at least for now and we have hired Stephanie to take over as secretary to Michelle. I am hoping our staffing is now stabilized as we face our next challenge where we must move our Whitby office before the end of this year. In this move we must also take into account the needs of family lawyer Max Rapoport and his secretary Kym who have been running a separate practice in our office since 1994. It is not easy to run a law firm.

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