Thursday, 21 June 2007

Toronto Teams - Hamilton Predators

Back in April I said farewell to the Leafs and good luck to the Raptors. The Raptors disappointed in the playoffs but we can not forget their excellent season. I also predicted the Jays would benefit from the big bat of Frank Thomas. Outside of his grand slam yesterday (June 20) he has been a disappointment. He should still hit 500 home runs for his career soon and that may get him back in his groove and reduce the pressure on him. As for the Leafs it looks like more of the same next year with no real changes coming. Ho hum. I am hopeful that southern Ontario will get an NHL team from Nashville. The market for hockey in this area will never be filled and it would be nice to have someone else to cheer for when the Leafs come back to disappoint us for the 41st consecutive year. Toronto's soccer team Toronto FC is doing reasonably well and has lots of support. I predict no championships for Toronto in the next little while except maybe the Argos. It was interesting to note how little support the Ottawa Senators got for their NHL playoff finals drive from people in the Toronto area. I think the rivalry is just too strong. If Toronto made the finals I suspect there would be many in Ottawa wishing the worst for our beloved leafs. Ottawa should be commended on a very successful year. I am sorry to see heads rolling in Ottawa when the team should be building on this year's accomplishments.

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Murray H. Miskin said...

Once again I have hope for our Maple Leafs on the Canada Day signing of free agent Justin Blake. This follows some draft pick trading to pick up a quality goalie and forward. It had looked like they were just re-signing the same old players but clearly we now have some improvement. This should be at least enough to get to Round 1 of the playoffs. But, if only the Leafs could make the playoffs we would have hope to win through some miracle beating all the better teams.