Thursday, 28 June 2007

We are moving Again

My main law office has been in Whitby since 1985 and I am now in my fifth location at 4 Cannon Court, where we have been for the past four years. We have been very happy there with a large ideal office layout, easy access and lots of free parking. We hoped to stay at least five more years but we will have to move. We had leased the space as co-tenants with Durham Reporting and have a five year option on the total space running from January 1, 2008. Durham Reporting left in January of this year and I committed to taking over their half thinking of bringing in some lawyers as tenants. That did not pan out and we put the space up for rent as a sublet with no luck. We have been paying double rent and have not had much use for our extra space. Meanwhile our landlord wants all the space they can get and did not agree to let us renew just on the law office space. Rather than commit to five more years at double rent we will have to move before the end of this year. Sadly, we are looking, and I thought I would let Blog readers know our situation first. Our Toronto office will remain where it is in the Procter and Gamble Building at Yonge and 401 and we are still planning to open another branch office in Peterborough at some point. Once we know where and when we will move our law office in Whitby, the information will be posted at our main website

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Murray H. Miskin said...

To update our move status we have just turned over the Durham Reporting space to our landlord and it looks like we will stay in our present office at 4 Cannon Court Whitby until close to the end of the year. We have signed a lease for our new Brock Street location. I am in no hurry to move the Whitby main office but now expect our date of changeover to be in mid November.
Durham Reporting has opened a downtown Peterborough Office and we will be sharing it with them by using their boardrooms for meetings with Peterborough area clients by appointment. I expect to develop a regular schedule for being at the Peterborough office and eventually we do hope to have staff working out of a Peterborough office open to the public for regular business hours.