Thursday, 9 August 2007

Wow Canada

Canada is a large beautiful country. For the past two weeks I have had the great pleasure of visiting British Columbia and now Alberta. I went far enough north to see Alaska from Langara the most northern of the Queen Charlotte Islands where I fished with the boys for salmon in clean cold waters of the north Pacific. Then my wife Nancy and I stayed in our Rocky Mountain national parks with Yoho Park in British Columbia as our base. It is surprising how few Canadians have ever heard of Yoho which is the BC side of Banff Park just west of Lake Louise. It is a park of great majestic mountains, beautiful lakes and waterfalls. It is also the site of a major world finding of life on earth preserved in stone in the Burgess Shale a world heritage site since 1980 before the rest of the Canadian Rockies were so declared. Fossils have been found representing clear life forms existing over 500 million years ago. I had the pleasure of meeting a Paleontologist from the Royal Ontario Museum currently studying this astounding Canadian discovery. There are more wonderful parks in BC which every Canadian should see.
Everywhere I have gone Canadians are generous and proud people who appreciate the wonder of where they live. I visited the Canadian Rockies in Alberta as well which draw visitors from all over the world who marvel at this great land of ours. I am now in Calgary where the Canadian Bar Association is about to hold its annual meeting. Calgary is a wonderful friendly city which is very welcoming to all. This city has seen enormous spiralling growth in the past several years and it is impressive how well it has been handled.
I live in Ontario and love the land and lakes in Ontario where the Kawartha Lakes area near Peterborough is my home. Later this month I will be in Quebec delivering my son Daniel Miskin to University in Montreal for his first year. Back in February I was also in Quebec at Mont Tremblant with Canadian Bar Association Meetings. Quebec is a wonderful and unique part of Canada and great to visit. Language differences are not a problem when you are there.
And then there is eastern Canada with the friendliest people and their own natural beauty. I could go on and on. Manitoba is great and I really want to see Saskatchewan which I believe will put Canada in the world's forefront in the next few decades with its natural resources. Everywhere I go I bring my camera and fishing rod and really enjoy being a traveller in this great country.
I encourage you to be proud of this great country, do what you can to preserve its environment, and visit somewhere you have not been before. It is amazing and surprising.

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