Sunday, 30 December 2007

A New Year

2007 is ending with the usual year end horror and strife in the world. In Canada we have again been reasonably lucky this year to have stability and a strong economy. The oil which fuels Canada's strong economy may eventually lead to our downfall. Little is being done to preserve Canada's future as global warming remains something Governments are just talking about and not doing anything about. The harsh early winter is part of the extreme weather that global warming causes. When you see snow do not be assured that all is as it should be. The polar ice caps are quickly melting and there will likely come a crisis which will grab everyone's attention and force people to finally do something. Will it be in 2008? Not likely, but it could happen sooner than you think. The real question is will it be too late to stop it when the crisis appears clearly to all. We all must do what we can while we are here to make the world a better place for ourselves, for each other and for future generations. Canada should be a leader not a staller in taking steps to preserve our planet. I encourage you to focus on the serious environmental crisis we are deeply in and do what you can on a personal level, and to encourage others to act in 2008 to make the world a better place. Have a happy new year.

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