Monday, 14 January 2008

My Escape from Winter

I am writing while on my vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands as I look out my window to my balcony overlooking the beach and the clear blue waters of Grace Bay. I am happy to visit here again with my wife, Nancy. Our excuse for this wonderful holiday is that we just celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary . That is a rare accomplishment in the modern world. From being away I can see more clearly many things and my sense of Canada and the changing world is heightened.
Last night I dreamed of an earthquake back home and quickly checked by computer to see if there was one. Luckily there was not but I see that in the past month there have been several strong earthquakes around the world including New Zealand, Greece and Sumatra. I also saw a news story indicating that the polar icecaps are melting faster than people had thought. Weather has been strange and extreme lately. Something really needs to be done about global warming and I believe we will very soon have to start making big sacrifices. I generally am trying to conserve energy in my life but trips like this with long plane rides are part of the problem too.
I have been working very hard lately and really needed to get away for a rest. I expect to return next week re-energized and able to do much more. When I return I will be happy to see some snow (hopefully not too much). One day we may all miss the snow in Canada and have no reason to go south. I hope that never happens.

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