Monday, 4 February 2008

Super Tuesday

After a shocking Super Bowl Sunday we now believe anything can happen on Super Tuesday, at least between Hillary and Barack. We all expect McCain to beat Mitt thanks to the Governor and Fred and Rudy. Like the Superbowl this event is more than an opportunity to Gamble and an excuse for a party. The main problem with Super Tuesday is that it is not part of a weekend. For those of us in the East the California results come in very late. The endorsements have built up excitement and more Kennedy Camelot suspense. Most importantly Robert De Niro announced his support for Barack Obama. It appears Barack has the momentum to win the Nomination.
The results of Super Tuesday may reveal the winner, but it is also likely the large amount of delegates will be split almost evenly due to district allocation rules. This thing may not be over and may go on until summer. Hopefully not.
I am thinking ahead to Hillary and John McCain debating policy or if she is not the nominee, age and experience as the issue between Obama and McCain. At this point I support Hillary but that choice may not be available for long.

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Murray H. Miskin said...

The dust has cleared after Super Tuesday and Hillary and Barack are almost equal in total votes received and delegates. They are both very popular candidates and hopefully they will agree to work together on a united ticket for the Democrats. John McCain is the choice of Republicans whether the Conservatives like it or not. He will be hard to beat because he appeals to many independent voters and can bring big change from the Bush administration which is what most people want. If the Democrats split and can not unite for the election John McCain is certain to win. The result of McCain victory is the potential for many more years of war in Iraq. Other than that issue I like McCain's views on many issues including Global Warming. He will work well with a Democratic dominated Congress on many policy matters if he becomes President.
If you want to help the situation loan a few bucks to Hillary Clinton who is running low on cash.