Tuesday, 11 March 2008

And the Race is On

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama continue to battle each other for the opportunity to be a candidate for President of the United States in November. Each is hungry to replace George W. Bush and beat Senator John McCain his annointed successor. McCain can sit back and smile watching his job get done for him.
On May 11th 91% of black voters in Mississippi chose Mr. Obama to be the preferred candidate. Meanwhile almost 75% of white voters chose Ms. Clinton. The net result was a few more delegates to add to the Obama lead.
Meanwhile former Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate (1984) Geraldine Ferraro spoke out about the issue of race and women and affirmative action heightening tensions as the battle moves to Pennsylvania. It appears that the Clinton strategy has given up on the black vote for the nomination and is catering to heightening fear and reducing hope among whites. This could give her a needed strong victory in the Pennsylvania vote where there is a very conservative and very white population outside of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.
The race card has been played and it is not helping the cause of the Democrats no matter who emerges as winner. The real mystery or wild card lies with a possible new vote in Michigan and Florida where Hillary Clinton may retake the lead.

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