Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Our Presidential Poll

Once again our poll has closed this time with 7 people responding. Interestingly, the results seem to correspond with what is considered to be Canadian opinion. Democrats are favoured with a more cautious tilt toward Clinton over Obama. Ontario is much like Ohio with the same kind of problems now. There is a recession beginning and there is a decline in the manufacturing sector. People are worried about the future. A small minority (1 of 7) supports the more conservative John McCain.
I timed the poll to end before the March 4 Primary results not wanting the result to be influenced by it. I thought it would likely be over by now with Obama and McCain as the clear winners, but it is not over for the Democrats. Once again Clinton is the "come back kid" and the process is extended for a few more months. The democrats will bash each other making John McCain's job easy for now. I hope they will eventually come together and that all the people and energy which were drawn to both the Clinton and Obama campaigns will unite and work together. If not the winner will likely lose in November.

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