Sunday, 2 March 2008

Writing from Washington D.C.

It feels like late April here with the sun shining and only needing a light jacket outside. Yet here I am checking news from Canada reading about how attempts were made to bribe a dying man for his vote in Parliament and my American relatives are shocked that this happens in Canada. On hearing of our new budget they are thinking how much Canada is becoming what the United States became when George W. Bush became President. They are suggesting to me that Stephen Harper is like the popular beer Busch Light.
These people are not all "radical Liberal types". My wife's brother John, who lives in Virginia and is celebrating his 60th birthday today (March 2)does not like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton and likes John McCain "because he is a war hero". The more Liberal types are split between Obama and Clinton mostly on the side of Obama now. It is more a matter of Clinton fatigue than hope for them. The general sentiment is that either would be fine.
Interestingly our blog poll which ends on March 4 shows Canadians so far preferring Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama and nobody supporting John McCain. This is despite the fact that it is John McCain who is standing up for Canada on the free trade issue. I suspect all the talk from the Democrats is focused on the jobs in Ohio where primary voters make a vital decision on Tuesday March 4.
I am always interested in Politics (it was my major in university)and I am pleased to see how much it is talked about these days. I guess that is what you should expect in such a contested election year when I am in Washington D.C.
Here people breathe politics and the weather which I find so unusual is just taken for granted as a typical beginning of spring (March!)in the Capital area.

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