Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Visiting Florida

I am now in Fort Lauderdale Florida for a family wedding. Today Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were also in this state, where votes are not counted, continuing their unending battle for the chance to run for President. I am staying in the touristy area of Las Olas and it is a fun place to be. It is very hot and humid. Sadly, the many tourist and other high end shops have mostly cranked up their air conditioning with many stores having the doors open to cool the outdoors and try to draw in hot people from the street. Hummers and other expensive and gas guzzling vehicles are all over the place. The message has clearly not gotten through to people here despite record high gas and other energy prices. Other than my disappointment at the lack of environmental awareness and the extreme waste, there is a feeling of freedom here. America has so much wealth and potential. I look forward to visiting my American relatives here in a joyous occasion but I also look forward to returning home to Canada where things seem far more sensible.

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