Friday, 17 October 2008

Election Over, what now?

A conservative minority again. $300 Million of taxpayers money spent on the "election about nothing" (quoted from Ken Dryden). It really was about Stephan Dion and the need for an election to eliminate him as Liberal leader. Clearly Canadians are not thrilled by Prime Minister Harper but did not want to replace him with Mr. Dion, a bright and capable man, but as the Conservative ads kept telling us "not a leader". If you look at my poll as an accurate sampling you do not see clearly. We would have had Prime Minister Dion and a Liberal Majority. Obviously the people reading this blog share my concern for the environment and mostly found favour with the concept of a carbon tax. The environment although a major issue lost out to economic fears.

Now it is time for Stephan Dion to step aside and the sooner the better. An interim Liberal leader will give new credibility to the Liberal Party and strengthen chances for a next election win. Hopefully Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff can work out some way for one to support the other to allow the Liberals to be united. It is too soon for Justin Trudeau and the other possibilities lack the clout or charisma to win.

The NDP and the Greens are unlikely to change being the beneficiaries of Stephan Dion's lack of acceptability. Each leader will credit his or herself without regard for the comon interests between all of the Opposition parties.

Stephen Harper will have to make changes and show more flexibility to make Parliament work co-operatively or his "mean" image will bring his downfall next time.
Nobody wants another election. We can only hope the Parties in Parliament can get out of constant election mode and work together.

Canadian election over, what now? The U.S. election of course. I had previously predicted Senator McCain would win but with the economy as an issue and Sarah Palin now a handicap to him, Senator Barack Obama has a lead not likely to change. I have American election fatigue and can't wait for that one to be over too. Then those politicians can return to the lower profile they deserve and get on with the business of governing.

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