Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Let the Debates Begin!

As the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashana) draws to an end the United States Congress will get back to work after reflecting on what they have failed to do in a crisis. Thursday will see two debates which will make political junkies happy. In the United States it will be Joe "foot in mouth" Biden versus Sarah "?" Palin. You can be sure old Joe will be very polite to the inexperienced Alaskan Governor whom he finds attractive. This debate will be watched by many looking for mistakes and signals as to the ability of Ms. Palin to handle real questions on important issues. I am sure many in Canada will watch this instead of watching Canada's five party leaders in a panel answering questions which passes for Canada's version of a debate.
Be sure to watch the French language debate (it is translated into English) on Wednesday night October 1 which may be the more important one as it is the first. This will give Mr. Dion a chance to shine as he will be speaking in his first language instead of exercising his painful English pronunciation. I will try to watch all three debates using the miracle of replays and PVRs and comment here at the blog about them.
Will these debates affect the elections outcome? They just might.

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