Sunday, 12 October 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend Canada

It is the calm before the storm. Hopefully you are enjoying this beautiful Thanksgiving Weekend with your family and doing what you enjoy. I am happy to be at Stoney Lake in the Kawarthas for a family Thanksgiving. On Tuesday October 14 Canadians will vote and the outcome is still not clear. Most predictions are for a Harper Conservative minority but a majority is still possible and a Liberal minority is also a possibility. It mostly depends on how many Green or NDP supporters will decide at the last minute to vote Liberal to stop the Conservatives. Our politicians are campaigning intensively right through this holiday after having taken most Sundays off earlier in the campaign. We are down to the wire and it sure looks too close to call. I start a jury trial on October 14 and my legal caseload for the Whitby Ontario trial sittings starting election day has kept me from getting involved in this election.
The past month has been stressful for most of us being a very busy time and one where we saw our investments in Canadian financial markets, if any, drop in value 30 to 40 percent while the Canadian dollar has dropped from as high as $1.10 US a year ago to 84 cents now. Some people suggest there is not a financial crisis in Canada and they are wrong. The whole world is in a serious economic crisis which may lead to a depression if the right steps are not taken by our leaders. The cost of energy has dropped considerably due to the financial crisis but we know that it is only a temporary drop as supply and demand will come into play to bring back the reality that the world is running out of oil and developing alternative green sources is necessary financially and for the good of the earth. What should be done about that now? Should we ignore the issue or plan a carbon tax or other system to promote conservation?
These are things to think about before you vote on Tuesday October 14.

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