Monday, 16 February 2009

Let's go Shopping!

I am having a day off for Ontario's new holiday of Family Day and here I am working by writing on the blog. It has been a while since my last posting because I have been very busy in my spare time as a result of my wife, Nancy Miskin, having had a major stroke back on October 21, 2008. Nancy just got out of Rehab on February 4 to come home and it is great to have this long weekend together. Some say Family Day is bad for the economy because it is costing employers a lot of money and wastes productivity. As an employer paying for my staff having a holiday I disagree. For now Family Day which began in Alberta has only spread to Ontario. It coincides with Presidents Day which is a partial holiday in the United States as well.
The current economic crisis is mainly one of lack of confidence, general malaise and the fear of people to buy anything due to insecurity. To get the economy going we need to get people shopping again especially buying cars, homes and other big ticket items. Jobs are being lost due to people not buying anything. The prices have dropped a lot and this is a great time for bargains. I am not saying go out and charge up your credit cards or buy things you can not afford or do not need.
People need to cheer up and feel good again. Family Day is here and giving us great sunny weather on a long weekend after a rough first half of the winter. Let's turn the economy around. Think positive and go shopping!

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Murray H. Miskin said...

My apologies to Joni Mitchell, Murray Sawatsky and my other Saskatchewan friends Family Day is a holiday there too!