Sunday, 8 March 2009

Ontario Opposition Changing of the Guard

Dalton McGuinty is now well entrenched as Premier of Ontario. His steady competent blandness is what works in Ontario. Ontarians want a Government that does not make waves. John Tory, who apprenticed with Mr. bland premier himself, Bill Davis, was too interesting and imaginative to succeed. He is a brilliant guy who was my friend in law school, despite very different political values. He just could not be boring and he had too many ideas which rocked the boat. He also displayed poor judgment on the religious schools issue and on where to run for a Legislature seat. First he ran against the very popular Minister of Education Kathleen Wynn which brought his unpopular religious school issue to the forefront and then he chose to run in (Haliburton and) Kawartha Lakes, formerly known as Victoria County with the major center being the former Town of Lindsay. John does not understand how people think in this part of Ontario and his slick style just does not work there. I think the voters wanted to teach the Toronto boy a lesson. Sadly for John, it was the final nail in the coffin or the third strike that knocked him out. Will the Ontario PCs win with a new leader? I think they have a chance if the new leader is moderate to match Ontario values and bland enough to not make waves. I am hoping they do not elect a new leader with extreme right wing views. That would not fly here.
I applaud the NDP, who on March 7, took a chance and elected Andrea Horvath a 46 year old Hamilton woman to be their leader. Here is someone who like Dalton (who started badly) could grow into the job and gain the comfort level needed with voters to succeed. I do not know Andrea but she seems to have the right stuff to lead in Ontario. If she does not ruffle the feathers of voters she may just succeed.

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