Wednesday, 13 May 2009

BC Election Result Analysis

Gordon Campbell is back with a third term for his Liberal Government in British Columbia. He does have an advantage getting elected because Conservatives support Provincial Liberals in B.C. The N.D.P. blew a great chance to take over by being the enemy of the environment in the election. Even David Suzuki campaigned for the Liberals and against the N.D.P. I am from Ontario and find B.C. politics interesting and strange. If you are from BC you will probably find Ontario politics boring.


Pelalusa said...


I always strive to be a stickler for accuracy. I don't feel it's accurate to say that "Conservatives support BC Liberals". Oh sure, many of us voted for Campbell & his party but it was more an issue of voting against the NDP.

Even if a true conservative party came into being in BC province-wide, I'd have to have some certainty of their ability to wholly capture ridings. Otherwise a vote for them would be equivalent to helping the NDP.

Food for thought,

Robert W.

L said...

Many of us in B.C. also find B.C. provincial and civic politics strange. There is currently no real alternative to the "Liberal" party.