Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Let Reason Prevail

Election speculation this week was high in Canada then something surprising happened. The Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Liberal Opposition leader Michael Ignatieff held two productive meetings on Tuesday and agreed to work together. Among other things they apparently agreed on a "Blue Ribbon" task force to review Employment Insurance and needed changes during the current economic crisis. This is much like the one Harper appointed before headed by Liberal John Manley to deal with Canada's future role in the Afghanistan conflict. This depoliticized the issue. Hopefully positive changes will come (quickly) to improve the EI (or UI as most people still call it) system.
The meetings of our leaders were a positive sign of bi-partisanship which makes everything work better and makes most Canadians happy with the outcome. It is starting to look like minority government can work.
If you have not yet voted in my current poll on whether Ignatieff should force an election please do. You may also change your vote which makes sense to me as progress is made for the benefit of Canadians. I voted maybe then yes and I am now going to change my vote to no. Elections are not needed when reason prevails.

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