Monday, 15 June 2009

Stanley Cup Over now what? ELECTION!

Once again Canadians are holding their collective breath to see if there will be another Federal election. This is becoming our national sport and now that the hockey season is over with the Pittsburgh Penguins winning the Stanley Cup election fever is back. Everybody is saying they do not want an election but do they really mean it? I do not believe the politicians on that as Prime Minister Harper wants nothing but a majority government and the opposition still wants him out. If both the Liberals and Conservatives think they will win there will be an election. This may be such a time.
The big spending Conservatives have run a $50 Billion deficit and it is hard for the opposition to argue they are not spending enough on stimulus, but certainly argument can be made about how quickly the money is going out or how well targeted it is. Clearly the Conservatives do not have their hearts into this bail out process and can't wait for this recession to be over. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is arguing against the Bank of Canada and most economists saying happy days are just around the corner.
These are tough times and it would be nice to have a Federal Government that was united in its approach to crisis. In the world of politics that is too much to expect. So Canadians may be asked to choose between Harper and Ignatieff which is certainly a better choice than the last time around when the Liberal leader was too weak (mainly from being bashed by attack ads) but also by his own communication difficulties.
Michael Ignatieff set some terms for not defeating the Government on Monday June 15 so it is now in Stephen Harper's hands whether to make the election happen by saying "bring it on" or to accommodate the Liberals on this to keep his government in power a little longer. If PM Harper does not want an election and makes concessions Michael Ignatieff can still say "it is not enough". This means there is a very good chance for another election that nobody wants. Then it will be an interesting choice of values where the immediate policies are really the same.
A summer election may be called at the end of this week and if not it could still come anytime Parliament is sitting up until a summer or other recess. We shall see and if there is no election there is still baseball.

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Murray H. Miskin said...

The Poll question has essentially become: do you want there to be a federal election in Canada this summer?