Sunday, 26 July 2009

ADRWorks Reborn

In November 1997 I began a website
My purpose was to educate people about Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)and the name puts forward a positive message that ADR Works. The site has been used to promote the ADR and legal services provided by my firm. I did not use the name "Miskin" in the website since my name is often spelled incorrectly. The original design was done by a university student I hired and after a while I took over the site fully and kept it up to date with current information and news to encourage people to make use of the site. I used Microsoft Front Page which is now called Microsoft Expressions to manage the site. Many criticized the site for being amateurish in format but the content was considered very helpful by most people. I have used the website as the main way of marketing my services with much success. It was one of the first Canadian legal websites and was relatively popular compared to most legal websites. After careful study I have settled on the WordPress site format which is very readable and more readily accessed by search engines such as Google or Yahoo. My hope is to increase the site's visibility on the very busy world wide web and also make it more user friendly.
We are about to launch our new adrworks website in Wordpress format and I have hired professionals to redo the site in this new format. It will take time to fully change over the site and I apologise for any inconvenience to those who may have difficulty accessing information until the change is complete. Our old website is no longer available. Let me know what you think of our new site.

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Murray H. Miskin said...

You can still see our old website for now at