Sunday, 9 August 2009

We are off to Dublin in the Green

My title comes from an old militant Irish folk song I remember, as I prepare to leave for the Emerald Isle. The song is a very pleasant one that makes me think of fields of green and not the joy of guns and fighting it talks about. I have never been to Ireland before and I was last in Europe in 1977 for New Year's Eve in Trafalgar Square in London.
I have my Euros, a direct ticket from Toronto to Dublin and reservations at a fine hotel by St. Stephens Green. My wife Nancy whose ancestors came from Southern Ireland to New York in the United States in the early 1800s is excited to be coming too in hopes of finding some of her roots there. She is the only one in her immediate family who has not been to Ireland. I believe I am the first in my extended family to go there. It will not be easy with Nancy having limited mobility still due to a stroke suffered in October 2008. We are bringing along a wheelchair and hoping not to use it too much.
Why are we going now, you may ask. This is not a time we would choose for this important journey. My work makes it hard to get away, and Nancy has limitations in what she can do and where she can go while there. We are going for the Canadian Bar Association annual conference known as the CLC or Canadian Legal Conference. As Chair of CBA National Sections I have meetings to chair for CBA Sections and also I will attend my last meeting as a member of the CBA Board of Directors and Finance Committee. My two year term is ending in Dublin and I really have to go. It will be fun too with a number of social events and friends from across Canada that I have come to know well in my volunteer work for the CBA. I am hoping to do some site seeing but probably will not have time to get out of the major Irish city.
In addition to meetings and social events there are educational programs and I am looking forward to some of them especially on the theme of the future of the legal profession. I also look forward to the keynote speech to the conference by Mary Robinson, the former President of Ireland who is a world peace maker.
Nancy and I will make the most of the special opportunity and challenge presented to us by the Canadian Bar Association. I will report back at this blog on what I see and learn. We will definitely return to Ireland in the future when Nancy has her full mobility back and see more of the green country. This should be a great introduction.

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Murray H. Miskin said...

Greetings from Dublin. Great place!