Sunday, 20 September 2009

No Election Yet - Will Parliament Work?

Michael Ignatieff proved that he is leader of the Opposition by standing up against the Government unlike his predecessor Stefane Dion. This could have triggered an election but it was an election nobody wanted. Both the "separatists and the socialists" supported the Harper Government to stop a no confidence vote that would trigger an election. Both the NDP and the Bloc knew that an election would not be in their party's interest and were forced to do the unthinkable and vote with the Government.

The job of the Opposition is to oppose and we are now in that situation where the Opposition Leader and his Party are opposing instead of propping up the Government. The Harper Government may be learning how to work with others and bring in policies using compromise instead of confrontation and ultimatum. That certainly would be good for Canada. The Bloc may on occasion support a Goverment measure and most likely the NDP will continue to support the Harper Government for a while unless Stephen Harper goes back to his old ways of trying to impose something that every party in Opposition finds to hard to swallow.

In Canada winter elections are rare so there may be a chance for a November election if Mr. Harper goes back to his old non-co-operative ways. More likely the NDP and the Bloc will be ready for a spring election. We will be fortunate to be spared until that time.


Big Winnie said...

Parliament is too dysfunctional to work and I hope there is a fall election...Liberals need to dispel the myth that they are the "bad guys" during this session. They need to get those who are casual observers and the apolitical to see how the CONs have failed Canadians.

MCR said...

As long as Mr. Harper continues to act as though he has a majority Gov't it will not work.

The problem here is that Mr. Harper and the CPC do nott get that 3/4 of the voters did Not vote for the CPC!!!