Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Prorogation or Perogies?

This time Canadians are not confused and see right through Stephen Harper's latest anti-democratic move. Most Canadians are outraged that in a time of economic (and potential terrorist) crisis the Harper Government has shut down Parliament until March. Word is they plan to introduce a new post recession budget ending all of the stimulus previously committed when the Harper Government was forced to do so to survive a coalition forming in Parliament to take power from him. I predict Harper is trying to trigger an election by bringing in a new Spring budget that even Jack Layton will find impossible to support. If the opposition remains united there will be a spring election and if not Harper can do what he did last time he wanted an election: just call one.
This plan may backfire due to the unexpected degree of public outrage and Harper may back off and mellow his budget and Speech from the Throne to avoid an election loss or another minority Government.
It is nice to see Canadian in large numbers joining Facebook groups against this anti-democratic action and to see protest plans for January 23. The opposition parties should do all they can to ride this public wave and not try to lead it. Maybe democracy will come to Canada. That would be a great outcome.
As for Perogies: enjoy them with sour cream!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing information. I’ve written and shared my thoughts around this on my blog.

Murray H. Miskin said...

Hey anonymous it is hard to find your blog without a link or knowing who you are. What are your thoughts?