Friday, 19 March 2010

What is happening Now in Parliament?

The Olympic Games are over and we are proud. Nobody can be proud of how PARLIAMENT is functioning in Ottawa as games continue. The Opposition has through its majority required to disclose documents about the Canadian Government role in Afghanistan torture of prisoners and the Government is acting in contempt of Parliament by refusing. They have asked a retired judge to review the situation. The Governing Party has filibustered in a committee to prevent evidence from being heard about interference with the operation of a Canadian Human Rights Operation. The Prime Minister has gone to You Tube to get his message out unfiltered while the Opposition has not been given equal time.
This is all happening after the Government Prorogued Parliament shutting it down from January to March.
What is the state of Democracy in Canada? If these actions are not stopped soon what will happen next? Is the Opposition doing enough about this or are they afraid of getting a negative public reaction to forcing an election? Where is the leadership of Michael Ignatieff?
I never liked the values of the Harper Government and now I am very concerned about how they are (in my opinion) threatening our democratic process.

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