Monday, 24 May 2010

Victoria - A perfect symbol for Canada

As I write this, I, like most Canadians (even those in Quebec), have a day off to celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria. Her Majesty was born in 1819 and became Queen at age 18. Her long rule of 63 years and 7 months, over the British Empire, included the creation of Canada on July 1, 1867 by the signing of the British North America Act. Not only did her majesty do that but she also chose Ottawa to be the capital when people in Canada could not decide between Toronto and Montreal. She saw it was on a river along the border of Quebec and Ontario and chose it as the perfect compromise. Ottawa is now home to the Ottawa Senators hockey team and the snoozefest that we call our Parliament (including the Red Chamber of Retirement called The Canadian Senate).
We are a nation governed by boredom with Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a wannabee hockey writer, doing as he pleases with no effective opposition despite a minority Government. His main opposition rival Professor Michael Ignatieff the Liberal leader formerly of Harvard University threatens to lead an even more boring Government. Canadians do not like either of them preferring "regular guy" Jack Layton in a recent poll but they would not vote for him due to his apparent socialist leanings. And so we are stuck with a less than democratic government here because Canadians do not want another election or change. We enjoy our cottages this time of year and of course the fireworks for Victoria Day.
Hail Queen Victoria, I can't wait until the Victoria Bicentennial in 2019. That will be the best day off ever. I wonder if Elizabeth will still be our Queen then. If so she would have exceeded the lengthy tenure of Victoria. Hopefully Mr. Harper, who will be 61 years old then, will have left politics and published his hockey book, a likely Canadian bestseller.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think the political flatness atmosphere in Canada is a reason to adulate a monarch. Over the years, Canadians have paid tons of money to the wealthy royal family, an archaic symbol that has been proved to be useless for our country.