Sunday, 6 June 2010

What is Important?

What you see in the photos to your right is a world tragedy. Now with massive quantities of oil still shooting up into the Gulf of Mexico and moving to US shores it is the most important issue of our time. Will this disaster be an issue at the G20 meetings to be held in Toronto Canada later this month? Will they discuss the dangers of deep water oil drilling across the world? Sadly no.
The 20 world leaders will meet in Toronto to plan a global economic agenda and argue over bank regulation. They have lost sight of basic issues of human survival. They show no interest in creating jobs or dealing with the problems of real people. This massive quantity of oil pouring out into the ocean is close to home now for many Americans whose future is being destroyed by the continuing and growing tragedy. It is the issue of the day in the United States. In Canada which is on course to have the flow of oil damage our east coast it is a prominent matter in the news and a concern to most Canadians. Canadians do care about the environment. Our current federal government does not. Our Prime Minister has been out campaigning against a world wide bank tax to protect against failure on the basis that our banking system is strong. A narrow political agenda dominates in Canada where apathy has taken over. The lack of serious federal opposition leadership as an alternative to Harper has resulted in an unpopular minority government which has continued in power for too long. The Government's popularity has declined further with the G8 and G20 budget fiascoes. Harper has taken Canada from being a world moral leader to being an irrelevant nation and an example of a country guided by short term self interest. The legacy of Canada's hosting is a joke about irresponsible spending (fake lake,etc.).
Canada is spending a billion dollars on security to protect the leaders and intimidate and suppress protests against the G20 meetings. Toronto will have the eyes of the world turned to either rioting and brutality or quiet despair as the real problems of the day are ignored and more resources are wasted in irrelevant meetings. People in Toronto and Muskoka face massive restrictions of movement and traffic chaos which will empty the city streets of all but police and those brave enough to come out and protest. This will not make Canada and specifically Toronto a more desired tourist or convention destination. How do these meetings help Canada? They do not.

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