Wednesday, 15 September 2010

It is Not a Ground Zero Mosque!

There is already New York City approval for the construction of an Islamic Community Center including a place of prayer known as a mosque, close to the World Trade Center. Some people have made an issue of it suggesting it is an insult to victims of the 911 terrorist attacks. This suggests that the religion of Islam is responsible for the terrorism which is obviously not true. Those who destroyed the World Trade Center's twin towers (plus the West Wing of the Pentagon) and killed thousands of innocent people were from a radical Muslim organization and in no way representative of most Muslims. Many of the victims in the World Trade Center were Muslims. There was in fact a Mosque on the 17th Floor of the South Tower of the World Trade Center. There has been and remains a small mosque closer to ground zero than the proposed Islamic Center.
Let us now discuss the idea of a "mosque at ground zero". That is an incorrect statement first said by opponents of the proposed Islamic facility. Sadly, that description has caught on and this proposed facility is being characterized as if it were to be put on the site of the World Trade Center. There are approved plans for new memorial towers at the actual site that is ground zero. The Islamic Center is to be built NEAR there. There is no reason for fear of this. The suggestion that there should be no mosque there and distortion of facts is based on bigotry and an incitement of fear of Arabs. It runs contrary to the basic principles of freedom upon which the United States is based. Placing religious facilities of any and all religions NEAR the site of the World Trade Center is a positive step and should be encouraged in an open democratic society.

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Sara said...

I agree. We have freedom of religion, they should be allowed to practice where ever they want. Would people be just as angry if it were any other religion? We need to stop allowing the media to perpetuate the hate of Muslims.