Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Lawyer Stress - Finding Work Life Balance

Coming Soon a new post on this topic. This follows the sudden January 3rd death of my colleague and fellow Whitby lawyer Mark Seetner and then on January 22 the sudden death of Mark Scott who also was a fellow Whitby lawyer and a friend. Both of these lawyers were about my age and this horrible start to 2011 has really shocked me. I will be writing about the stresses of law and what people can do to preserve their health and live a good long life. That is my intention despite my family history of heart and cancer problems. Lots more to follow. Come back soon.


Anonymous said...

The "stresses" of law?

Like what?

Hangin' out with your fellow "progressives" and charging hundreds of dollars per hour is "stressful"?

Wow, you people have no clue what the average person goes through on a daily basis.

Charging people $350 an hour isn't average, so quit it with your whining.

My family has cancer and other health related issues as well.

We don't blame the plumbing business for that.


yi said...

I always enjoy visiting here.

Anonymous said...

A bad start indeed. Hopefully your year has improved.


LoganDylan said...

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