Monday, 11 April 2011

Conservatives attack Ignatieff anonymously

If you click on the title of this post you will be connected to a website registered under the country Montenegro (part of the former Yugoslavia) to persons unknown which makes unfair and potentially libelous personal attacks on Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. The owner of the domain name used a confidential registration system so their identity would not be known. It is called Domains by Proxy which is typically used by pornography sites and scams. To use this method to attack the Leader of the Opposition during a general election campaign is most improper in my opinion. The Conservative Party is approving this as the site says: ‎"Authorized by the Registered Agent for the Conservative Party of Canada". There are also links to the site at websites of Conservative candidates. I wrote to complain about this website being used improperly to Domains By Proxy and the following is their email reply:

IGNATIEFF.ME (Claim # 585656)
Add to Contacts

Dear Murray Miskin,

We are in receipt of your correspondence regarding IGNATIEFF.ME. Please be advised that Domains By Proxy ("DBP") provides a private registration service that allows its customers to register domain names without listing their contact information in the public WHOIS database. Since DBP is listed as the registrant of the domain name, it may appear that DBP operates or has an interest in the domain name or website. That is not the case; DBP is neither a domain name registrar, nor a hosting provider and has no control over website content.

Therefore, we highly recommend you contact the hosting provider (who can affect website content) and they will investigate the issue. Generally, the DNS name server operators (identified in the Whois listing) and the hosting providers are the same entity. For your convenience, we have listed the hosting provider below:

Hosting Provider:
Netfirms Inc
7030 Woodbine Ave.
Suite 800
Markham ON L3R-6G2

In addition to contacting the hosting provider, you may reply to this email and request us to forward your complaint and contact information to the customer. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the customer will reply, but this is yet another option for you to pursue.

Finally, should you still desire our customer's identity, we will require a properly served subpoena. You may view our subpoena policies here:

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

Very truly yours,

L. Villeneuve
Office of the General Manager
Domains By Proxy, Inc.

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