Sunday, 17 April 2011

Vote on May 2nd or at an Advance Poll

The last federal election in Canada was almost 3 years ago. Now it is everyone's duty to vote again. The last time it was the poorest turnout of voters ever in this country. This time should be different. The country is polarized and the issues and choices are fairly clear. People were waiting for the debates to get a sense of how it was going and as usual were disappointed by the format and the quality of debate. The campaign just got started after the debates and Canadians are beginning to pay attention. Interest has appeared to grow and some people are getting enthusiastic. It is clear that we have strong leadership in the 3 main national parties and the polls show greater approval for all three. Even Michael Ignatieff is showing some excitement. Young people are getting excited and getting involved. This is a good thing regardless of the outcome. In many countries people are fighting and dying to win the right to vote. Do not take your rights for granted. You have no right to complain about the Government after unless you do vote. Please take the time to vote on May 2nd or at an advance poll. The advance polls are open on Good Friday and on Saturday too.

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