Sunday, 12 February 2012

Republicans Topsy Turvy Again

                                               Rick Santorum says: Please don't Google me.

Once again we can not say the Republican race for the Presidential Nomination is over.  After my last post Newt Gingrich fell from grace again and it looked like Romney was back in first place. Since then Rick Santorum, by default, came into favor for a short time.  Most recently Ron Paul finished a close second to Mitt Romney in the Maine Caucuses. Romney seems inevitable but unwanted. It now looks like it will drag on until June before he has it won.


CuJoYYC said...

"favor"? Surely a Canadian lawyer meant favour. ;-)

Oh and yeah, they're screwed south of the border.

Murray H. Miskin said...

Favour or Favor, colour or color, cheque or check. These are decisions I have to make all the time between when to use Canadian or American spelling. Because of the subject I chose the US spelling.
It the US is screwed so goeth Canada.