Sunday, 4 March 2012

UNWANTED: Candidate Romney

As we approach Super Tuesday the Mitt Romney campaign appears close to inevitable having finished first in the State of Washington where some had thought oddball candidate Ron Paul might win.  Rick Santorum having no charisma of his own and with social values from the 1950s has not taken off. Newt Gingrich is history and not taken seriously anymore.  While there will continue to be bumps ahead on the road for Mitt Romney it is clear he will be the Republican Candidate when it is over. He seems to be the least wanted of the candidates but he who has the most money wins usually. His mix of opinions which always seem to change may make him more electable than the more extreme and ideological choices.  In November we will see a choice not of values but of images where Romney may defeat Barack Obama if he can get the right wing Christian and mostly anti-Mormon base to show up while picking off enough independent voters. If Mr. Obama does nothing at all he is still likely to win re-election. With a good campaign it may be a landslide re-election.