Sunday, 25 March 2012

Who is the real Liberal?

Look Left. Look right. Voter confusion now begins as the former Liberal now leads the NDP and the former NDPer leads the Liberal Party.  Which Liberal Party deserves your vote? There appears to be little difference in the policies of the two leaders and so the choice of voters becomes confused.  These two Liberals need to work together.  That appears unlikely. Where will the traditional NDP supporters go now that their party's "socialist" label appears to be no longer applicable? Why is that other guy all alone on the right still smiling?


Annie said...

I always thought Rae was a little right, to the Liberals., I suppose Rae is more Liberal . Muclair is more ogf a red tory with a temper

Gordie_Canuk said...

Harper and his team will look to keep the centre/left more a less equally divided by use of attack ads or other means. If it looks like support is coalescing (sp?) behind one of Rae or Mulclair look for the one whose polling numbers are best to be brutalized.