Thursday, 23 July 2015

THE Donald: A Force to Be Reckoned With

In the United States political scene there is now chaos with the Republican Party in an upheaval over the selection of its 2016 candidate for President.  There are 16 MAJOR Republican candidates for the world's top job with one clear leader whose unconventional candidacy has created major conflict in the party. The Republicans have a recent history of trying to contain extreme views and put forward a moderate national candidate.  The party establishment which used to control the party has lost its way, as Donald J. Trump has used his great communication and publicity generating skills to gain strong support from the Republican base.  Despite attacking and alienating almost everyone else seeking the Presidency Donald Trump is looking like a winner now leading the pack in opinion polls. Trumps unfavourable ratings have dropped and he is moving towards winning over the party that is trying desperately to reject him.

A great many frustrated Americans agree with his extreme and clear views.  Channelling Peter Finch in the 1976 movie Network who said "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore." and former President Richard Nixon in a November 1969 speech, the Donald speaks of the "Silent Majority".  He expresses the anger that many Americans feel with how America has changed since Barack Obama became President in January 2009.  The first black President has not been accepted by a large percentage of the population and the same people are not happy with gay marriage and the new health insurance system.  Those people got nowhere venting their anger through less than competent or credible politicians like Sarah Palin.  Many Americans admire Trump for his wealth, success and inspiration to others who are chasing the "American Dream".

Foolishly the Republican Party leaders and candidates have shot back at Mr. Trump with juvenile insults such as calling him a "jackass" or a "cancer" and calling his supporters "crazies".  He has been told by the Party to "tone down" his comments or to withdraw from the race.  This has put the Donald on the higher ground and only encouraged him to express himself more.  The media never saw it coming and is only now starting to realize that Donald Trump is a serious candidate.

The worst thing the Republicans can face would be Donald Trump, as a third party candidate.  If he runs independently he not only would destroy the Republican Party's chances but he might even win with the other choices being the less exciting Bush and Clinton rerun.  If Mr. Trump is treated with the respect due to him he will either run his course in the nomination process or win it.  I do predict that if he is the Republican nominee he will win the election.

Life imitates art and here we have it.  Reality TV could become reality.

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