Thursday, 22 October 2015

A Lot Did Change - Justin Trudeau - A Destiny Fulfilled

American President Richard Nixon famously predicted when Justin Trudeau was 4 months old that he would become the Prime Minister of Canada.  The Nixon Prophecy has come true.  When Justin Trudeau was born on Christmas Day in 1972 he was immediately compared with Jesus and speculation about his future as Canada's saviour began immediately.  Justin Trudeau combines many of his father's political skills and insight with his mother's exuberant and playful personality.  He lacks the great intellect of his father which was accompanied by a great arrogance.  Instead of arrogance there is a humility and ability to inspire and empower those who meet him.  While the parents were mismatched the product of their relationship has the skills and qualities that were needed to not only defeat the unpopular Stephen Harper but to form a majority government taking his moribund Liberal Party from third place to first place with Liberals elected in every Province and Territory of Canada.

When the campaign began early Justin may not have been ready but Stephen Harper gave him time to show that he had the ability to do the job.  It took the full campaign to raise the Liberals in the polls from third to first.  Expectations of the younger Trudeau were low, much like they were in George W. Bush's run for the Presidency.  He shone at the debates far exceeding expectations.  Justin Trudeau's skills clearly exceed those of George W. Bush and with those skills he was able to establish a Trudeau Dynasty in Canada more like the Kennedy Dynasty in the US than the Bush Dynasty.  Justin's charisma was like that of John and Robert Kennedy, and like that of his father Pierre Trudeau.

Canada will now see 4 years of stable government very different from the one man Conservative Government which preceded this new Trudeau era.  At 43 Justin Trudeau is Canada's second youngest Prime Minister and he may be around for a long time.  Let's wish him well for the sake of the nation.

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