Thursday, 10 November 2016

O Brave New World, The Tempest: President Donald Trump

President Trump will not follow any rules.

The voters wanted change more than anything.  More than qualification, temperament, ideology, honesty and morality they wanted CHANGE.  Donald did everything he could to alienate everyone but white men, and somehow there were enough white men and even others from the groups Trump attacked who would still vote for him wanting change.  What will happen next nobody knows.  Donald Trump has no barriers or boundaries and will ignore the US Constitution.  Change will come and it might be bad and/or good.  He is so unpredictable.

When the Donald first announced his run for President I stated at this blog that if the Republicans would take him seriously and nominate him he would win the election.  He was able to win Primaries to beat establishment Republicans like Jeb Bush, which should have told us something about the desire for change. Over time my views of Trump's chances changed as I and many others became outraged hearing the ridiculous statements and attacks he made, and of course the video where he insulted women and even bragged of having assaulted women.  I thought he blew it and maybe even decided he did not want to win.  But he was the Master of media manipulation and somehow won anyway.  Fifty three percent of white women voted for Trump over Clinton.  When the election came on November 8th, the silent majority of Americans, mostly people outside of cities showed up at the polls and waited in line to vote Trump.

The Donald defeated the most qualified and capable candidate for President he could possibly face. But Hillary Clinton was a flawed candidate and Donald through his persistent attacks on "Crooked Hillary" helped create widespread belief that Secretary Clinton was corrupt in addition to being, like Bush, the ultimate symbol of the status quo.  Hillary was also hurt by a perfectly timed release from the FBI Director which may have changed the outcome of the election.  Even powerful support from Barack and Michelle Obama reinforced that Hillary would be more of the same.  The American voters wanted change and now they will have it.

The world is changing and the times they are a changing.  Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize is indicative of that.  Donald Trump is essentially an anarchist or nihilist who believes in nothing but himself, and he will change the world in ways we can only imagine.  It will not be what the Republicans want and they face a tougher task than if Trump had been defeated and they could return to normal.  There is no more normal not even a new normal.

Futurist writer Aldous Huxley predicted a "Brave New World" when he wrote the book in 1932.  The title came from Shakespeare's The Tempest where in Act 5, Scene 1 Miranda states to Prospero:

O, wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in't!

Huxley died on November 22,1963 the day President Kennedy was assassinated.  Since then the world has continued to change at a faster pace than ever.  Now we have President Trump.  There is reason for fear, but there is also reason for hope.

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