Monday, 4 September 2017

Hurricanes and Climate Change

Hurricane Harvey was called the third 500 year storm in the past 30 years before they called it a once in a 1000 year event. After  damage in Texas causing unprecedented damage with the worst flooding in the United States ever, in the Houston area, and substantial damage across the US south the next Hurricane named Irma is on her way headed due west into the Caribbean Islands. It is projected to hit the islands as Category 4 and then go on to hit the US East Coast somewhere. Nobody knows yet.

There is extreme weather almost everywhere and it has been getting more extreme for several years. It was an inconvenient truth and now the world accepts climate change except for the current administration in the United States. Fortunately there are many American leaders like California Governor Jerry Brown who are offsetting the current regressive steps taken by the Federal Government. Where I live in Canada we have a government that at least gives lip service to the fight against global warming and climate change.

If current weather trends continue it will not be long before humans are forced to act to stop the man made danger that is threatening our planet. At that point the other issues of the day will become trivial.

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