Sunday, 17 June 2018

Trump's Alternate Reality.

Trump spokesperson Kelly Anne Conway put it first by suggesting that what President Trump puts forward instead of the obvious truths are "alternative facts". NBC's Chuck Todd quickly corrected her noting that alternative facts are "lies".

The falsehoods or lies of the President continue almost every time he speaks or tweets. Much is repeated and regurgitated at various times like "no collusion" and "no obstruction". Trump seems to deflect truths about himself onto others starting with "Crooked Hillary" and when Secretary Clinton in a debate accused him of being "Putin's Puppet" he came back with "You're the puppet".

Thousands of lies have been added up by counters since Trump became President.  Now he has a lawyer who really speaks for him and is like him, Rudy Giuliani to add to the Trump induced confusion.  The Republican leadership has been afraid of the party base who are loyal to Trump and taken in by him. They take comfort in Trump's alternate reality some believing that while he may be an immoral man he is the man God chose to do his work on Earth.

Trump supporters are a minority who can not beat a united opposition.  We can only hope that in a general election to be held in November 2018 there will be change.  And we hope that Mueller reports on what really happened in the 2016 election involving Donald Trump and his winning campaign.

Eventually the truth always prevails.

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